Graphic Design, Album Cover Design

An digital music album about the color of AQUA(water)

Collaborating with nine musicians who created songs to present the diversity of and emotion towards the water, I explored the visual possibilities of water by experiments.

Begin with Observing Water

from macro to micro

Water, a source of life, is almost everywhere. I placed water drops on daily objects, like cotton clothes, human skin, non-woven fabrics, plants, fruits, etc. I recorded the color of water with a macro lens.

Font design born from a fountain
When I was observing the ripples inside a fountain, I noticed the irregular, fast-changing ripples were sometimes similar to letters like “A”, “C”, and “Z”. I filmed the ripples and created an interesting typeface, whose shapes gave audiences a feeling of moving water. I use this typeface in the design of the cover and logo.

• Ripples in the Fountain

• the process of designing the typeface from the ripple

• the Cover of AQUACOLOUR  

Model Number
Release Date


10 / 2015
AMoZoe (Qi Zhou)

Enritsu, Utae, Zris, Mimi, Kian,
BLACKLIST, Hunzhi, KuSA, CandyBox

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