Counting and Thinking Over Everything

Graphic Design, Album Cover Design

Cover design for a digital music album about finding the happiness and insights hidden behind our daily lives by thinking over everything.

From Concepts to Visual design
This album want to convey two concepts:

• The state of Zen meditation, which is silent but dynamic inside.

• The process of being inspired by thinking among the temporal1.

1  ”Temporal” means all things on earth

How to present Concept 1 - the state of Zen meditation?

From Water to Luna Phase

I chose water as a main role in the project because its purity, transparency, and colorlessness coincide with the state of Zen. Also, water looks silent but dynamic inside, which matched the state of meditation. Since it was hard to record the liquid water, I froze water into half-spheres and illuminated them in a dark room. Unexpectedly, the texture and shape looked like a full moon. This inspired me create a set of moon phases, implying movement and time.

• Textures of the frozen water

How to present Concept 2 - thinking among the temporal?

From yin-yang  to Temporal

Moon phases are born from light and shadow, which is Yin and Yang in Chinese Taoist cosmology. I related the moon phases with the trigrams in Taoism called "Posterior Eight Diagrams." The Eight Diagrams mean eight nature elements2.

The eight elements create the temporal. Based on the meanings, I designed a more representational and iconic graphic for each diagram and combined them with the moon phases following cardinal direction. The process of designing this album showed my own understanding of meditation.

2  Eight Diagrams: ☰Heaven/Sky, ☱Lake/Marsh, ☲Fire, ☳Thunder, ☴Wind, ☵Water, ☶Mountain, and ☷Field

• Phase of the Moon + Posterior Eight Diagrams

Model Number
Release Date

05 / 2015
AMoZoe (Qi Zhou)

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