End of Life - Alternate

When your friends and family go into another world, how will your shared stories continue?

Alternate is a book that would show you an alternate world. There are 5 stories about 5 person’s daily happy life on the white page. However, every page has an inside dark page and you could only see it if you cut the page. Then you would know the true story behind it. They actually already passed away when they were young. The story on the white page would never happen.

All the stories are real. The first story about Xixi, who is my roommate for my undergrad for 4 years, she died one year after she graduated. Before the last operation, her father promised to buy her a Golden Retriever after that. If she hadn’t passed away, she could play with her loved dog on the beach like a normal girl. That was the story on the white page. However, the dark page reveals the truth.

This book, Alternate, is a part of End of Life project by IDEO and was exhibited in California College of the Arts in April 2018.


Qi Zhou, Siyu Zhang

Catherine Herdlick
4 / 2018

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