Memory Dots

Interactive Design, UX Design, Graphic Design

Memory Dot is an interactive project to exchange and share your memories with others.

How to create a Memory Dot  

Every participant would get an empty tin badge. They would be asked to write a message on it for the person who would receive the memory dot.

Then, I collected their memories and stories by asking for a piece of memorabilia. It must be a thin material which could be made into the tin badge.

In the end, I covered the message with the memorabilia and sealed them together inside the tin badge. I put them in separate packages and designed the poster.

Process:  Collected Papers of Memory    →     A Message wrote by the owner     →      Sealed together     →     49 Memory Dots

Share the memory, or Not

I collected a total of 49 memory dots and sent them as a present to different people. If you wanted to reveal the message and find out the story behind it, the only way was to destroy it and reveal the message. Whether to do it or not all depended on you.


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