Form Studio

Form Experiment, Visual Art

A process-based image making experimental class.

In Form Studio class, I was given a humble object, a plastic spray bottle, to create a series of images each week. I explored the form by asking myself questions, which set up the constraints and implies what is unconstrained.

Look inside the spray bottle from the top, what would it be?
People use a spray bottle to contain cleaning soap. When the concentration and mixing time changes, the visual effects differ. When I observed it from the top, it would always be inside a perfect circle.

How to record the connection between object and environment?

I used shadow which shows the existence of an object in the environment. I changed the quantity of liquid inside the bottle, distorted the shape of the bottle, and refined the light setup to explore the subtle shapes of shadow.

• Distorted spray bottles

• the shadow of the spray bottle

What is the moving trace of the object

I used the spray bottle itself as the painting brush and created light painting photography. To present the volume and weight of the water, I changed the amount of water inside the bottle and moved it in different ways.

• Light painting of the spray bottle

What is the logic of the movement?

Horizontal, vertical, and circular.

• Horizontal   /   Vertical   /   Circular

The charming trace of light & the subtle pulse of shadow

For the final two weeks, I focused on the attractive characteristics: Transparency, Light and Shadow, Motion and Emotion. I removed the concept of "a spray bottle" and replaced it with a purely transparent, soft, and bendable plastic strip to get rid of the overwhelming details in the previous images. Since the material was transparent, the contrast was too weak and subtle to record. I inverted the color to make a stronger contrast.

• The typeface I designed at first (invert the color)

The pure color and simple shape in the the original image were more compelling to me. After extensive experiments, I came up with a way to record the subtle contrast by replacing the single lighting with two lights in opposite directions, which made the shadow overlap and stronger.


Form Studio

Chris Yamane

9 / 2017 - 12 / 2017

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